5 Family Meal Prep Ideas | $100 Challenge

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  1. 1001Flocke says:

    I love these kinds of videos. Would love to see more of that. Thank you for inspiring with some great looking and surely delicious recipes!

  2. I love seeing the meal prep throughout the week. it doesn't have to all be on Sunday! haha and I love the pantry meal idea! I would LOVE to see more of those!

  3. I wish I could feed my husband tofu without him looking at me like I’m literally insane 😂

  4. If you don't use regular milk anymore, what alternatives can be used for Thursdays night dinner? Unsweetened cashew or almond ok.?

  5. Great recipes!!!! Thanks

  6. I'm watching your video first time and i like this. I love cooking and like to be all time in the Kitchen.

    I have also Cooking channel, do check mine.!

  7. Leigha TL says:

    ❤️you so much!

  8. Goody says:

    Everything looked delicious and I made a game out of the number of times your shirts changed. Don't know why that was so funny, lol!! Congrats on the new baby!!

  9. Jared T says:

    These looks amazing! Can't wait to try them. What grocery store were you at in the video. It's looks wonderful! Go Canada (Toronto)!

  10. Dana Goodman says:

    My kids would not eat any of this. 🙁

  11. Michelle B says:

    Please do more videos just like this. I do meal prep but sometimes I just can't think of what all I could do in advance and end up at some point during the week just at a loss on what to eat. Also, like you say, food prepped around Sunday isn't very fresh by Friday, so it's really nice to see options that can be thrown together quickly despite them not being prepped in advance. And finally…how do you store your onions and garlic so that they don't smell up the fridge?

  12. I love love love your videos ❤️💯 my family and I enjoy them so much .keep up the great cooking 😁

  13. pat Mulh says:

    These look wonderful…going to use them for my menu this week!!! I have so many of the ingredients her already.

  14. Planning meals is such a help with dieting and food shopping! When I lost 40 pounds I stopped buying sugar and I was surprised that I started tasting more of my food! Jordan@RapidFatLossMiracle.com. https://RapidFatLossMiracle.com

  15. sarachel99 says:

    Can you do instant pot meals for one or two people. I'm a broke college student, but my mom got me an instant pot for Christmas and I need ideas that are cheep and yummy

  16. Lisa Kelly says:

    Yum! Penne-didnt have Ceasar dressing. So heated garlic, milk and fresh park cheese

  17. Leftover chicken bones can be used to make broth. So that would be 3 uses out of that one chicken. Great recipes! ❤

  18. I hope you and the baby have been feeling well. Also thank you. I often use ideas from these videos for college budgeting.

  19. Jen MV says:

    Great tip on the broccoli! Remind me never to move to Canada. The prices!

  20. Omg your baby bump is so cute and i think by now you've had your little already , congrats 👏

  21. Nia Lin says:

    You’re so right about using the whole chicken to save $. When I was a young wife, then mother, I relied on whole chicken & Cornish game hens. The hens usually came in packs of 2, but often I could score a 4 pack for cheap. I was able to feed us on a very small budget & eat good food in the process. The beef version of doing this, was utilizing big, boneless roasts that I got on sale. Depending on the size, I can get 2-3 meals out of 1 roast. I still use that trick! Everyone should always have stock/broth in their pantry. Even if one is vegan, keep veggie broth on hand. & of course, always stock tomato paste! Love all these recipes for easy, quick flavor. It’s exactly what folks need to be able to get cooking when life is hectic! Thanks so much for sharing such tasty, achievable recipes!

  22. Thank you so much, I will be trying all of them

  23. Zoe Field says:

    I’m a reduced item meal shopper! I always check the reduced sections and see what meals I can make from that so my food shop bill for the month is around £80 for two of us

  24. I just made the last item on this video and it turned out amazing

  25. Erin Carter says:

    LOVE this video. Please do more like this. I meal prep as best I can and try to create menus but my family is bored with the same old recipes

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