What’s For Dinner? January 6-9, 2019 | Cooking for Two

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29 Responses

  1. Great meals have a wonderful blessed day

  2. Tablet frooze up when got to Thursday lol but I'm getting back there lol that lookedawesome

  3. Peach chicken yum broccoli one of myfavs,

  4. The salad balances it and soup looks good, I love roast, OK coke n gravy

  5. I like the soup with ham or sausage orbeef

  6. I am trying to use up fresh stuff before goes bad so all day today I ate raw fresh stuff lol cucumber slices, avocados halves, pineapple chunks all covered in lemon lol now your video making me hungry for real food lol

  7. Ooo yum the crock pot chicken stuffing yum,I been having fun creating from what we had , this looks good I love potato soup, I make different kinds potato soup to

  8. Everything was looking good! I’m hungry now!

  9. KimmiKat75 says:

    Everything looks so good especially that potato soup! I've been wanting to get an instapot but I have a few crockpots, which I use often. Do you think it's worth the investment? Everything you've made in it looks DELISH😋

  10. Healthy or not, I think the Potato soup looks delicious!!! And honestly, healthy is relative. It seems healthy to me. Also I have never had couscous. I feel like I've been living under a rock. What is it like? Have a great week.

  11. I keep forgetting to tell you how much I love your dishes! 😊 The meals look yummy as always! Hugs!

  12. Another great video. Gave me tons of ideas to add to my meal plan!

  13. Don’t let people tell you what’s healthy and what’s not. Everybody needs to put their 2 cents back in their pocket!

  14. Jasmin h says:

    Again love this video

  15. Walker FamX6 says:

    We’re having your white chicken chili tonight! The girls and I are super excited to try it!

  16. B Lee's Pets says:

    The potato soup and tomato soup looked yummy. The stew looked delicious. Thnx for sharing Stacy😀😎💕

  17. Shamarr81 says:

    Yummy meals as always Stacy thanks for sharing

  18. Hi Stacy! Your potato soup looks delicious!!!! You are right – soup is so yummy for the winter time. Your meals always look so yummy! Thanks so much for sharing! Have a wonderful week ahead! 😊❤️

  19. GINAvsGINA says:

    A week of good eating!!! I love potato soup and that peach balsamic chicken looked delicious. I'm definitely trying that crockpot chicken and stuffing. Thanks for sharing Stacy.😊

  20. Mimi E says:

    Everything looks delicious! The potato soup looks yummy (even though its not that healthy). I'll have to try those carrot fries. Love broccoli too! I'll be cheering with y'all and my husband for the Saints! Have a blessed week.

  21. mike stopka says:

    Stacy I always leave the peels on our potatoes. My wife and I both love them. I made a broccoli cheese soup the other night from the YouTube channel are Wyoming life. It's really good I think you and Tim would enjoy it. It's really simple.

  22. Hi Stacy! I love chicken and dressing casserole. I've never had it in the crock pot before. Sorry it didn't reheat well 😟. Your pot roast looked good too. I've never tried to make it on the stove top before. Yours looked really tender. I guess the acid in the soda really helped to tenderize it. The seafood looked yummy (let's not forget the fries!). Another great week of meals. Thanks for sharing! ~Andrea 😊

  23. YUMMMM to Tuesday dinner 😍😍😍 you’re doing great on your pantry challenge!!! Good job! It all looked great

  24. love tims "happy Meal"
    i am so gonna make that potato soup thanks for sharing, have a good day

  25. Oooh I love potato soup, haven't tried that in the IP yet! I'm making a pork roast tonight in my IP, still trying to get the hang of it. Thanks for posting this, have a good night!

  26. Hi Stacy!!! I love your onion holder! Thats so nifty!! You had me drooling with the potato soup!! I LOVE red potatoes too!! We just today took down our decorations on the Christmas tree maybe tomorrow it will be completely done LOL! Is the pantry challenge just to get rid of old stuff? Because I imagine you filling it right back up maybe not that much again LOL! I was sad for the Cowboys yesterday they put up a great fight but the teams still in the playoffs i know would be a real tough match for them!! They made it further than last year and that’s all we can asked!! Hate seeing their faces they deserved a good season this year!! 🙂 I’m TRULY cheering for your Saints and love them more each week!!!! I should get some beads or a jersey!! 😂 Sending all the good playoff vibes to them and good luck they GOT THIS STACY!!!! 💛💛💛

  27. Sue Sung says:

    Lol, you are the 2nd person I have heard mention the time it takes for the Instant Pot to come up to pressure. How do you like it over all? Is it worth the investment?

  28. Ella Toler says:

    Y'all did right well!

  29. I cook For one but admin a cooking group for cooking in a tiny home so I love your videos thank you!

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