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  1. Vika says:

    Honestly I’m annoyed she doesn’t have more followers. In the midst of all this stupid drama, people are neglecting the channels that are just 👌appreciate all your vids and glad I’m subscribed!

  2. Can we talk about how flawless you look? Good lord, woman 😧

    Updated skincare routine? Please!

  3. Love this!!! Can you please link us the stir fry recipe please? ❤️❤️❤️

  4. Megan Bray says:

    grabbed an apple and buckled in, but i’m so distracted – girlllll WHERE did u find yr fiddle leaf fig tree? i can’t find one that looks so full like that.

  5. THE BUANS says:

    I was needing this video!!!! More more more recipes. Love seeing the “domestic house wifey” side of you in videos. Also love that we saw a bts video of the bounce insta photo 😂

  6. Jenn T says:

    Katy, your skin and glow in this vid is FLAWLESS 😍😍😍

  7. Aissha cx says:

    What you said about the macadamia nuts I do with music. I replay my song till I get over it lo😂❤️❤️

  8. I'm about to try your "bird bowl! "whisker catch" almost got me in trouble! 😂😂😂 I'm here in bed it's 12:15am watching your video and busted out laughing so loud, I woke/scared my husband. I almost died! 😭😭 I Love you and Jon! You're the best!

  9. SAR S says:

    Katy! There’s a place in Santa Monica called Rocco’ s cheesecakes and they have so many different keto cheesecakes. They are amazing! You need to try!

  10. Evelyn T says:

    Ugh love these videos pls keep making them ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  11. Can we have a make up tutorial on this look. Pleeease 💕

  12. Reyna Zamora says:

    Are you wearing hey girl 😍

  13. Check out the VooDoo spice from World Spice Market – USA. Sounds similar to your spice from Ibiza.

  14. This is not how you do a “what I ate in a day” video! 🙄🤨

  15. “Whisker Catch” 😹🐟 had me dead!!! Love all the Keto videos! I had the bird food for dinner!!! 😋

  16. LRivera says:

    Please share the veggie stir fry recipe !

  17. April Lauren says:

    Haha, girl me too! I eat the same foods every day until I just cant…. anymore. Haha. I always love your videos lady!

  18. nnphng says:

    What are you using on your brows gurl 😍

  19. lil bb says:

    it kills me that coconut oil is so popular now as a healthier oil substitute because I'm allergic!! Found out because I was trying to cut dairy from my diet, and so many dairy substitutes use coconut oil 🙁 makes it much harder to transition to a more plant based diet

  20. Banesa Anaya says:

    Yaaass finally lol I’ve lost 16lbs since starting Keto ❤️

  21. aLove4MakeUp says:

    Girl get you a large bottle of avocado oil at Costco. They sell the same brand but a larger bottle for cheaper. BJs also sells that same brand of avocado oil in a spray form

  22. mairead says:

    love a good cheto keesecake

  23. xxvibe_ says:

    I just want to know what foundation katy has on, because her skin is poppin’ ✨

  24. Nikki Lo says:

    Turkey stir fry recipe please!!! 🙋🏻‍♀️

  25. Alexa Avalos says:

    Your arms look amazing girl 😭😭😭

  26. And I won’t… back… DOWN

  27. Whaaaaat Johnye is sweet? Did you give him too many chocolate chips 🤔

  28. Need more eyeshadows! Literally cannot stop wearing the new pallet on the daily!!!

  29. Omg this video is everything. I love the extra bloopers at the end, those are always my fav.

  30. Alex Black says:

    Been falling in love with your videos lately, all these lifey style things. You look great girl! Also that foster life <3 I foster for Marleys Mutts!

  31. Megan Gray says:

    I loved this! I am on month 4 on Keto and I’m always down for new meals

  32. Omg you are just amazing😂✊🏻 Love you Katy ❤️💕

  33. Olivia Marie says:

    I'm confused how she only has coffee and a cup of bird seeds all the way until dinner ?! It's almost midnight in new york, i've had 5 meals today and my stomach is still growling.

  34. Esther Par says:

    Living for the glowy, natural look 🤩

  35. the tuna bit at the end has me dying 😂😂

  36. Secretly screen shotting when I see house decor ideas in the back ground 👀👀

  37. Bruh I’m stingy as hell with my Justin’s almond butter because that shit is type pricey! 😂

  38. 10:24 is your fridge black on the inside 🤥 so cool

  39. Please do this more regularly! Loved it.

  40. Emma Lee says:

    i love how you added "breakfast lunch and dinner" in the title it's a what i eat in a day yeah no shit lol

  41. Hi Katy 🙂 Could you post more keto recipes ? You make them seem more beginner friendly

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