Healthy Egg Pops stuffed with Vegetables | Egg Recipes I Chef Meghna

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33 Responses

  1. OMG OMG too tasty….

  2. Aiyaa that's so cute, Need one urgently

  3. I wanna try it as soon as i reach home

  4. Jeet Gill says:

    Wow very helpful thanks mam for so yummy recipes

  5. Karan Singh says:

    Moms' always make the best food,Children are just meant to love moms' food anytime.
    I love it

  6. Hey dear Meghna thanks for sharing!! One of the best adaptation my fav!!

  7. Couldn't wait more to try out n find out how it tastes #ChefMeghna

  8. I want to make a yummy dish for my gf so that she wont leave me..

  9. Egg Recipe!!! Really nice innovative recipe by you!

  10. Love your videos a lot, keep them coming!

  11. That's so mouthwatering #control hi nahi hota…..

  12. Looks yummy decided to try this weekend

  13. This is the best recipe in your channel so far

  14. Akal singh says:

    I am your huge fan mam

  15. Akal Keerat says:

    Please release more videos… u are 2 good

  16. I subscribed to your channel after seeing this recipe video

  17. How come I didn't see this channel before

  18. I love your channel. All the recipes are so easy

  19. Rohini says:

    Wah wah kya baat hai

  20. Revathi says:

    Wish the likes of food food & livin foods channels take note of you and can get u on board

  21. Pushyami says:

    Mam do u teach too….

  22. Payal Sharma says:

    Loved the tip on how to keep Egg Recipe

  23. Mrigashiras says:

    I didn't know this was so easy

  24. Krithika says:

    I loved the Healthy Egg Pops stuffed with Vegetables…

  25. Kajims Kumar says:

    Ab yeh toh main zarur banaaunga… yummy Healthy Egg Pops stuffed with Vegetables…

  26. Jyeshta says:

    How easily you are explaining everything

  27. Hastha says:

    Meghna's Food Magic you rock..

  28. Aswini says:

    What a wonderful refreshing face on a cooking channel.

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