3 Easy & Healthy Fall Dinner Ideas!

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  1. Miranda H says:

    I wanna make all of these recipes but i DEFINITELY want to make that soup!

  2. Meg Thomson says:

    Hey Nikki! I know you said you like to keep your fridge pretty well stocked so you can always make different things, but how do you make sure things don't go bad? I love having a stocked fridge too, but I find I can't go through the food as quickly as I want it stocked. Any advice?

  3. What is the alternative for red vine ? I really love the mushroom sandwich I want to try it but I don’t drink alcohol. Big love ❤️

  4. Very good recipes… Love your videos nikkii… Lots of love from India.. ✌️✌️✌️

  5. Yippy im so excited more cooking videos they make me so happy.love ya ALWAYS♥♥♥♥

  6. Devon says:

    Yum! Definitely making this soup! But ah, watching you chop your veggies is stressful lol! Thanks!Love these videos!

  7. Loving for that minestrone!!!! 😍🍲

  8. hackyk57 says:

    I absolutely love these videos! So enjoyable!

  9. I love these videos the food looks delicious !!

  10. AC Carl says:

    here from Lynette's channel!

  11. catmama54 says:

    You are a very good and creative cook .Everything looked yummy.

  12. tf am I watching this while I'm hungry

  13. So yummy! Love you cooking vids!

  14. The open faced sandwich reminds me of a Polish open faced mushroom baguette that’s popular in Polish culture and it’s called Zapiekanki 🇵🇱🤤 so bomb

  15. The sandwich looked so good like I can’t wait to try these recipes!!!
    Love your food videos. It really motivates me to cook every day rather than every other day.

  16. 💖🖒💖🖒💖🖒

  17. Your recipe videos are my absolute faves! Can't wait to try these! <3

  18. What kind of red wine do you cook with?

  19. I’ll have to tweet you my favorite healthy cheesecake recipe!! It’s avocado, cacao, coconut oil. It’s so easy and clean!

  20. There's always room for more cheese! Lol

  21. Yasss Nikki + Lynette 😍😍😍

  22. i want to try the minestrone!!! looks so yummy!!

  23. Toni Gianni says:

    Your food videos are some of my absolute favorites! I get so many ideas and always am inspired to incorporate more fruits and veggies!

  24. ro. says:

    Omg so excited to try these. Thank you!!!!

  25. You should try using a spoon to deseed your jalapeños, it’s much easier. 🙂

  26. audrinaaa says:

    My absolute favorite recipe is your spicy veggie noodle soup! I can’t wait to make the toast and veggie soup because my mouth is watering. I love how simple all of your recipes are to follow especially if you watch the video twice before cooking it makes it so much easier.

  27. Can I suggest breadcrumbs in your pepper mixture?

    Also, I could be very wrong but we don’t pronounce the last ‘e’ in Minestrone. We’re Italian. Is it just us?

  28. Katie says:

    girl PLEASE hit us with the tower garden update I am DYING!

  29. It's alright cheese is great!!!!

  30. lisaisaleo says:

    They all look sooooo yummy and healthy too. Thank you for sharing 🙂 love you girl xoxo

  31. Katey Meyer says:

    What brand pans and pots do you use?

  32. I am going to LITERALLY make all of these recipes for my family next week! They looked delicious!

  33. Naomi Mellon says:

    Your trader Joe’s hauls, cooking ideas and daily routines are seriously the best. They inspiring me in my cooking and make me wanna cozy up at home. Would you ever make a dinner party video?

  34. omg that hummus from trader joes is my fav!!

  35. MrsRedAng says:

    Try adding your banana peppers to an artichoke dip, so yummy! Great video!

  36. Rosey Blair says:

    This is so good! I have a newly discovered wheat allergy and I love that you included a siete recipe!

  37. Yay more food videos!!!

  38. Kel Preston says:

    I love that you use red chili flakes in everything! I’m the same lol 😆 they make everything so good 😊

  39. alu gor says:

    Yayyyy more food videos plis i really love them ❤️

  40. Julie Kozak says:

    You knife skills are really unsafe.

  41. kimberly p says:

    Thank you for the recipes.. So pumped to try them 🙂

  42. Looking yummy….. you're a amazing girl. I love u sooooo…. much nikki sister. 😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙👌👌👌👌👌

  43. M QA says:

    I really LOVE your food videos

  44. That mushroom toast thing 😍😍😍 NEED!! Love collabbing with you girl! Come see my new house!!!

  45. The word you were looking for was minced lmaoo. Love you videos Nikki!🤩💓

  46. Favi M says:

    Idk why but I find all your videos so relaxing💖💖

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