नवरात्री मैं 9 दिन बनाये यह व्रत स्पेशल रेसिपी | Navratri Special Recipe | CookWithNisha

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43 Responses

  1. Jo pan ap use kar rahi hoo wo tawa nhi hotplate hai

  2. I am confused😞 which one should I cook because all are looking very testy😋😄😘

  3. Sudeb Bhowal says:

    I love your Food very much and anantya is so lucky she give her sweet mother

  4. Jyoti Manu says:

    Very nice dish mu pani aagya i will try

  5. Why don't you do a food challenge with miss anand and shruti

  6. Siddhi Gupta says:

    East or west cook with nisha is the best😀😀

  7. nisha can you make video about spoil of vegetables so what precautions should be taken

  8. Happy Navrathri to you and your family. I have a question, all your recipes have potatoes in them. During fast eating these many potatoes, doesn't it cause acidity. I just can't eat potatoes, even if I add ginger or asafetida. I really wonder as to how can you people eat so many potatoes? Just curious, pls answer and let me know. …..

  9. Twin vs Twin says:

    Plz tel how to make cupcakes

  10. Mst recipes and you are so talented Nisha …

  11. Jyoti Gupta says:

    Ek bhi nhi favourite nhi hai

  12. your my miss anands mom

  13. U r so pretty I can’t take my eyes off ❤️

  14. Navratri mein namak nahi khate

  15. My favourite are mango smoothie and sweet potato chaat

  16. Guddu Shaw says:

    The foods are looking so deas and there are looking so yummy also I want to eat all of them .

  17. Sita shahi says:

    Navaratri me aplog meat nahi khate hai????

  18. I love your daughter’s and your channel

  19. Wooow thanku so much di 😘😘😘

  20. Rani Oza says:

    कुट्टू का आटा को इंग्लिश में क्या कहतें हैं?

  21. Maheen Ali says:

    Yah I have eat loki ki kheer and it's really very yummy

  22. साबूदाने की खिचड़ी

  23. It's me jijivisha please see my video I am in also you tube plz like my video and comment on my video plz plz

  24. Is anantya your daughter

  25. Jo apne kuttu ki poori ka dough banaya woh aapne kese banaya

  26. Really good recipe looking yummy delicious liked 👍👏🙏🏼🌸🌸

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