7 Recipes Perfect For Oktoberfest

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26 Responses

  1. Fire the person who chose the music

  2. And all the germans are like NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  3. Kat Petavy says:

    No, just no 🤦🏻‍♀️

  4. Bad life says:

    Seriously?You are just adding beer to everything and call it Bavarian

  5. 1R.Fangirl says:

    Im german, I haven’t watched the video yet and just read some comments and WHAT IN THE WORLD DO YOU GUYS MEAN BY DUTCH BABY?
    Edit: I seeee…. it’s a German pancake (I’ve never heard of it)

  6. A Nut says:

    S P O O K T O B E R F E S T

  7. fronschka says:

    The "bread bowl" killed me😂😂😂

  8. Andrew B. says:

    Anyone else feel like this is just what Tasty thinks people from Wisconsin eat? Oh and by the way Oktoberfest is definitely over by now

  9. Hakalabakala says:

    the first one was so german, then you added cheese

  10. kaeptnkronk says:

    As a prussian i usually would enjoy every insult towards the archenemy but this utter bull is outrageous.

    oh and btw, even the genuine Budweiser isn't german…

    Kauft euch mal n Atlas ihr Vollpfosten!

  11. I’m Ari says:

    when you’re not German but u know some German and all of the comments are from Germans? (German people, people from Germany?) while you’re just sitting here trying to understand all of the comments but failing miserably

  12. Alex K says:

    99% der Kommentare sind Deutsche die sich darüber beschweren, dass Tasty mal wieder nichts Authentisches hinbekommen hat… also ehrlich als hätte ich irgendwas anderes erwartet 😂😵

  13. N 13 says:

    Hauptsache Bier😂

  14. Malik King says:

    Noch jemand deutsch wenn ja liken👍

  15. Lavenderp says:

    i'm only a little german but i don't think germans put beer in everything

  16. hay yo says:

    never gonna beat monstober

  17. Jasminanya says:

    Bratkartoffeln are not "german fries". They are Bratkartoffeln. A whole nother thing. o_Ó
    And I have NEVER seen a "dutch baby" as well btw.

  18. Thanh Phan says:

    I got a Tasty ad before the video started

  19. AbyssWarrior says:

    Let me guess…
    Your gonna reuse videos

  20. Seeing all the angry German comments and people who actually know what Oktoberfest serves just reminds me that Tasty managed to fuck up poutine so of course they'll get this stuff wrong

  21. I am german and I honestly never ever heard of that dutch baby thing. German pancakes are more like a more thick crêpe. Thank you for telling me stuff about german food, I never heard of, i guess 😂.

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