Living in a Van: MY EVERYDAY BREAKFAST! Energy Boosting Shake Recipe | Hobo Ahle

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  1. Hobo Ahle says:

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    0:59 Recipe Timestamp (yeah, I time stamped a timestamp 😉 lol)
    1:06 WHY
    1:37 WHAT
    4:30 HOW/RECIPE
    5:17 WHERE

    ✧ RECIPE ✧

    1 cup of Chocolate Almond Milk or water or whatever you prefer
    1/2 TBSP Cacao
    1/2 TBSP Matcha
    1/2 TBSP Maca
    1/4 TBSP Moringa
    1 Banana
    1-2 5gram Scoops of Glutamine
    1 Scoop Protein

    welcome to the end of my pinned comment….. does anyone read this and realize that all the info is also in the description???? lol comment a 🍌if you see this :)))

  2. Z. Ripley says:

    Caffeine has no effect on me, it sucks. If I'm tired and have stuff to do, or simply want to stay awake, I have nothing that can wake me up. Red bull, C4 pre-workout, and espresso do nothing.

  3. fish med says:

    You have so much energy. Love watching your videos. Keep these videos coming.

  4. Have watched a lot of your videos.
    It doesn’t look like you are getting nothing done inside your van. Come Daytona Beach FL if you need help getting it together.

  5. Nick Palma says:

    I wish you a good day pretty lady

  6. Does anyone know what nationality she is?

  7. Where the toilet in your car ?

  8. Love your videos, very inspirational😍

  9. R. Lynch says:

    Thanks for reminding me I have macha in the fridge! I was told it will oxidize if you leave it out. And storing it in the fridge is even better for it, or so said my local tea dude.🍌

  10. Wu Wei says:

    Includes paid promotion

  11. Ali Stamper says:

    ❤❤❤❤ i never even thought of just taking my bullet with me to the gym. Lol

  12. That look nice to drink

  13. I would love to help you get a solar panel setup with an inverter battery I love mine especially when I'm microwaving food and having a fridge awesome

  14. Timothy Tan says:

    Greetings. Do you not add water to the blend? It feels like the concoction's gonna be super thick.

  15. WJK says:

    Awesome breakfast. Sounds good but pretty sure chocolate Caco/Cacao powder contains caffeine but please don't just take my word for it, research, research, research….

    "Cacao may be addictive, but there is little research on this specific side effect. Much like coffee, raw cacao contains caffeine, which acts as a stimulant. … Cacao also contains theobromine, another stimulant. Together with caffeine, this compound can cause sleeplessness, anxiety, abnormal heart rhythm, and heartburn"

  16. mmmmmm chocolate i love chocolate

  17. Tony Montana says:

    You must train your body to accept caffeine. Once you get on a training regimen you'll never be the same. Coffee gives you coffee breath, yuk. I recommend soda and granola bars, just wonderful.

  18. Cody Tyler says:

    You like really Beautiful lol and good video

  19. I have just one question for you how much would it cost for a solar panel for your van BTW hit me up any time if you wanna chat have a awesome day peace and happiness mahalo

  20. Yes, she is hot and seems nice

  21. BubbaSmurft says:

    Look up Soylent. Get an electric plug for your lighter.

  22. Ivan Mendoza says:

    Paint the inside of the van hobo! it should match your beautiful eyes <3

  23. If anyone wants to look into veganism 🌱 to help animals, human health, or the environment, check out Earthlings documentary and The Greatest Speech You Will Ever hear onnn youtube. Please spread kindness, compassion, and love.

  24. Jack Bear says:

    You are gorgeously healthy!

  25. Ma Sato says:

    Do you workout when u go to the gym?

  26. MarkBTW says:

    The reason you don't get the jiggers with matcha is that it contains L-Theanine which works as a relaxing agent, many people find it counteracts unpleasant caffeine symptoms. Matcha tea certainly is wonderful, especially ceremonial grade.

  27. selw0nk says:

    Why don't you take those things off the windows for more lighting? Some of us know you are just parked in front of your house and don't really live in a van. That's why you cover up the windows in your videos. Anyways I still like watching your videos 😀

  28. jim hunholz says:

    when are you going to do an episode at the beach!

  29. Itsreload says:

    But.. how bout those eyes! What color are they?

  30. Question? Did you wear any makeup in video? Your skin looks flawless! Need a skin care routine too

  31. MG11 says:

    Muah!! Very mucho !!

  32. I want to meet you one day take you to lunch or something you seem neat n I want to get into van living

  33. Ahle, Your hair looks so shiny and your eyes are glowing, so there must be something good in that breakfast 🙂

  34. Hi Ahle. FYI: "In general, however, the U.S. Department of Agriculture reports that 1 cup of dry, unsweetened cocoa powder contains 198 milligrams of caffeine. Each tablespoon of cocoa powder has 12 milligrams of caffeine"

  35. Really glad I came across your channel, I really enjoy your content and vibe -it’s low key and totally relatable!

  36. Ernest B says:

    Solyent Green is People!!

  37. TEB561 says:

    I will be trying this out for my wife and myself. Sounds great thanks for sharing.

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