HEALTHY Breakfast Ideas! Quick And Easy Breakfast Recipes!

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12 Responses

  1. Grace Mills says:

    how many cookies is a serving size?

  2. ari w says:

    Just curious. Do u ever eat like unhealthy sometimes?

  3. I've never tried blueberry cookies. Sounds delicious. I love your copper measuring spoons. I'd eat all this for breakfast. Did you cook the sweet potato or was it raw?

  4. looks really good . I definitely would like to try blueberry cookies 😋

  5. Danny Danny says:

    Cookies! … Moist Cookies!

  6. Lina Awad says:

    One of the most creative youtubers! Love everything you make😍 keep on going!

  7. I would do to see different pasta recipes and smoothie recipes! Thanks❤️

  8. HEY GUYS! Enjoy this healthy breakfast video 🙂 The next one will be healthy snacks! Have an AMAZING weekend💗

  9. rola beauty says:

    Yeeeeeeeeees i was waiting for this video😚

  10. Nadja Pretty says:

    I’ve been on the hunt for some healthy breakfast ideas and this is perfect!

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