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  1. Her before 100 views. Dedication right here

  2. That food looks good as hell 😩😩! I have to try these !! ❤️❤️ It’s a lil dry 😭😭

  3. Hold up…Nea done came thru w/a whole restaurant style dessert & Jas like…lemme gone hook these cookies up & get these sweets on the road! Lmao, Jas "it's aight, it's kinda dry" then Nea come back & throws the cookie shade "this taste like a field trip cookie" …."girrllll, u don't have to believe me, Jesus told me & it is the truth—-he woulda told u how to fix it before hand" Hahahaha, I can't w/y'all!!

  4. Heyyy y'all heyyy….Nea always got a tune in her head, lol! Hunnnni, Pinterest be having me in the kitchen, feeling like I'm a chef…like where my apron & chef hat!

  5. Re Elle says:

    I love y’all!! I’ve binged watched most of your videos because of my new schedule at work. Stay beautiful and inspirational

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