6 Healthy Toast Ideas For Breakfast

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9 Responses

  1. Can u make video on a healthy foods in Indian version

  2. Can you do preworkout breakfast ideas?

  3. Judith Dew says:

    This is already delish,and I think it can also serve as a lunch pack for me .

  4. Waiting for your video eagerly…
    Does one slice is enough for the breakfast…???
    Can you make some vegan Rice recipes for lunch…!!! If possible

    I can't simply thank you always…. But still thanks but it's very less for your recipes…😀😀😀

  5. Wei Wenting says:

    Can you male a video on how to make homemade hummus please😀😀

  6. Bhavana Sai says:

    Was actually waiting for your video.

  7. Yung Hax says:

    hey man that was awesome 😀 can you do healthy sandwiches for back to school?

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