Toaster Oven Breakfast Tart – Gemma’s Bigger Bolder Baking

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  1. Yay Gemma’s back! I’m always excited for your new videos and more to come x.
    Can you make more ‘Best ever’ videos pls and more quick and easy mug videos?

  2. c2bienaime says:

    Very delicious and tasty

  3. Azra Ali says:

    Yumm yumm yummm ❤️

  4. Lena Smith says:

    Nice Breakfast tart. I love bacon!!

  5. Gemma thats great
    I want a tip from you
    I made buttercream as you told in your video but the butter cream became so sugary
    Please tell what should I do

  6. Angie Damien says:

    Gemma that looks delicious, your recipes are amazing as always! 🙂 This is completely off topic but I am in London now but I landed in Dublin first 🙂 I must say Ireland is so beautiful even though I just saw a glimpse of it! I'm also afraid of flying but our pilot was Irish and had the nicest accent, it calmed me down 😂😊. He was truly friendly and he reminded me of you ❤️ your voice/accent is also relaxing and friendly as well, sorry I'm off topic but I definitely would visit Ireland next time! Thanks for your amazing videos as always! ❤️❤️

  7. Looks so good Gemma!

  8. Normal Girl says:

    Thanks gemma❤️ I'll try this before school.

  9. Christina says:

    Great tart! Looks delicious Gemma!! Thanks for sharing! Could you try making something in a noodle maker like one of those big water boilers? In my dorm I only brought one of those and it would be so cool if it could be used for something else than making ramen!

  10. Rachel Jin says:

    Delicious great work Gemma!

  11. Sunny Chen says:

    Will have to try this for college when next semester starts up soon. You used many of my favorite ingredients in that pastry. However, I live in an apartment style dorm with my very own kitchen and I’m not so sure whether my university will allow me to bring my toaster oven. So can I bake this in the oven? What conversions for cooking time would I have to make?

  12. What is a regular oven ? Convection or convectional or smthng else ?

  13. Goldy Siju says:

    Delicious! Wonderful Vedio Gemma..

  14. Rashmi Kujur says:

    This is so yummy😋

  15. Hi Gemma, I think it's great making breakfast in the toaster oven. I would love to see more toaster oven recipes. Thank you for sharing your videos. 😄
    Ramona 😊💕

  16. Many recipe i got from you. Your an inspiration to me. Thanks a lot

  17. Suresh Chand says:

    Can u make garlic bread or any Indian dish next pls.

  18. Yusuf Mohsn says:

    Mam u didn't rply. The question I asked u about doughnuts.

  19. Teresa Tran says:

    I just want to tell you that you're scone and pie crust recipe is amazing!

  20. Your all recipes are original…….love them

  21. do people really eat this for breakfast

  22. Deblina DD says:

    Can you just make some healthy dessert recipes simply

  23. AART1900 says:

    I love cooking thanks for your inspiration

  24. Sanvi Mittal says:

    U r awesome my chef

  25. Its gona be 2 million 💃💃👯

  26. How yummy! I love puff pastry! It is so easy to use and make a recipe looks very impressive!

  27. msr111 says:

    I saw a similar tart prepared on Joey Fatone's food show.  He visited a gal in Wash. D.C. who called it a breakfast pizza.  What you've made there is a hybrid of quiche and frittata fillings.  (I'd opt for beaten eggs carefully poured around the bacon strips).  BTW—Aldi carries a pretty good-tasting turkey bacon.

  28. Daniel Sado says:

    Lovely dish, the only problem is, it's WAY TOO HOT in my flat so I'm gonna try this beautiful Tart in the wintertime 😀

  29. love every video of yours..u inspire me a lot the way u talk with a smile is just amazing 😘😍 i don't know why bt I can't get over your videos..lots of love Gemma😊

  30. Prags Prags says:

    Wow Gemma this is nice 🥙🍱

  31. Cutie Pie says:

    Oh My God!!!I just love your videos and your channel is just amazing..I want to be a chef like youuuuu😍 You are a GEM,GEMMA!

  32. I am surely gonna make it. This looks so easy but delicious. You are always there to help us and give us directions and instructions.
    That's why you are my favourite youtuber😊💓

  33. Hia GEMMA!
    Love this dish…
    I am a vegetarian. So, I shall leave out bacon and eggs….
    Thanks a lot! Love from India!

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