Indian Lunch Routine 8 | Indian veg Lunch menu | Kitchen Routine in Tamil | Daily Lunch Routine 8

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  2. Geetha Thaga says:

    Vazhakai fry pandrapove sapda ennakum pidikum..

  3. Hi dr… nice video. One suggestion. Pls don't use steel spatula on non stick tawa.. its not healthy.. take care.. love u….

  4. Hii dear yummy recipes n presentation s gud neat vlog keep it up da😍😍😍😍😍

  5. Nandhu Sanka says:

    Hi dr…njoyed ur routine video dr… nanum lazy ah feel pannum pothu ipadi than sumple ah finish pannuven….nice valakka fry…very tempting dr…keep rocking…😄😄

  6. Geetha Thaga says:

    Hair smoothning pannigala different ah eruku…looking good dear

  7. Geetha Thaga says:

    Hiii sweetheart…plz primer & foundation yepdi use pandradhunu video poodunga unga video Ku tha waiting dear…azhaga erukinga

  8. Giya Parveen says:

    Hi dear how r you !!! Superb dear..

  9. Vry nice video dr.valakai fav lunch lemon rice valakam😋😋

  10. Akhi Javi says:

    hi super yaar…b4 marriage i too do d same thing wenevr my mom cooks will go n have it… kindly make a video of keera vada one like hotel. thanx in advance🙏…

  11. Woww awesome dear .. loved it ..u know I am a Bengali girl but I love eating south indian food …when I was in USA I started liking all south indian food …I made some friends from south …I love Ur culture ,food everything …lots of love to u dear …and u r looking awesome

  12. usha anantha says:

    Karthika super routine , romba clean a vela paakkureenga 👏👏

  13. Tasty Lunch Routine my fav Lemon rice dear sis

  14. Hi da..lemon rice superb

  15. Super dear. Nice combination naanum apadithan vazhakai and potatoes fry pannum bothu pathi kaliagidum my daughter too she s just 2years but she like Kara saram ana vazhakai fry😋

  16. Lucky Dhiya says:

    Next Give away question,,,, இந்த video -வில் எத்தனை முறை கார்த்திகா வாழைக்காய் வாழைக்காய் என்று சொன்னார்… ஹா ஹா ஹா…

  17. RlZHA RIZHA says:

    Want to eat dear looking yummy😛

  18. SS Kitchen says:

    Eppavum pola unga lunch routine super.. 😍

  19. Hi candy, super dear..pakum pothe sapidanum nu thonuthu😍😍

  20. Sharwan baby ah kaati irukalaamae sis😊anyway nice video👌

  21. Sri Devi says:

    Karthika upload childrens weight gain kanji mix

  22. nice menu idea👌👌

  23. Sri Devi says:

    Karthika house tour podunga

  24. Sri Devi says:

    I karthika plz I want quantity of onion chutney what u r used MA

  25. Hi karthika, nanum ungala mathiri than enga amma fry pannum pothe konjam konjam saptuduven…. vazhakkai looks yummy

  26. Irene Joshua says:

    Nice yummiee nice combination of lemon rice nd spicy raw banana fry dear.. same pinch da i too wil eat raw banana karunaikelangu nd all fry items while my mom s cooking nice memories😀😀 fr both of us..u said throat infection as of i knw if u eat pomegranate it wil increase ur cold nd throat infection pa.. high definition videos is super.. take care byeee dear😊😊

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