Life Goes On In Mumbai In Spite Of Heavy Rains -Daughter’s School? Bengali Dinner Recipes -Maitreyee

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  1. habib ullah says:

    hello mam i am your new subscriber i like your all videos
    and i also hate chemistry

  2. Ajhora Ghosh says:

    which class ur daughter reads???means which standard

  3. Mitali Das says:

    Didi tumi ranna korte j stainless steeler basongulo babohar karo o gulo kotha theke niyecho aktu bolbe. Amar khub valo Lage.

  4. Di Mujhe aapke video Bahut Achi Lagti Hai sweety bahut pyari hai

  5. Sweety khub swt r khub bhalo meye….khawa niye kono jhamela nei…..kotto story book pore….just love her….

  6. my daughter shreya is behind me to buy kitty hairband like sweety, shreyas hair long i dry with hair drier only else she gets cold, i want to try surankabhartha i used to mk only sabzi or cutlets boiling chanadal coconut n suran adding any spices u like n make cutlets coating with egg shallow fry on tava. it will be very tasty u can try once. Hope sweetu didnt gt hurt ask hr to be careful in rain we all love her at home. shreya wants her to tell hr name 1nce pls

  7. Di tomar blog e tumi jokhon bangla te kotha bolo khub bhalo lage… Being a bengali I feel proud of you..

  8. Sweety k bal oh my god..its so gorgeous.bht carr karti hain di aap uski aur uske baalon ki…aap bht achi lagti ho muje…aapse bht kuch sikhne ko milta hain…inspiration video hain u and gid bless u

  9. Nice vlog aap ka batao se mere chehre par smile a jati hai aap jo bolto ho bhut tasty bana hai bhut sweet lagta sweety hair ruten ka video banye

  10. Nadeem Ali says:

    hi di di me bhi bengoli ho or me ap mi new freind ho me kalkta me rehti ho abhi india me aai ho di ap kesi ho or sweety i lo e you

  11. Seema Singh says:

    Hi you are so 💐💐💐💐💐💐💐

  12. Hi di..just love all ur vlogs..tomake akta kotha jiges korar chilo..please reply dio..tomar phoner cute dust plug kotha theke niecho?

  13. Didi aap kuch hairstyle change karlo

  14. Awww such a lovely family
    And your daughter is so cute ❤️❤️❤️
    And loved your cooking and I learn too 😍😍😍

  15. Hello dee Nice Vlog…….💞❤🌹

  16. Richa Sharma says:

    Hi how r u want to tell you there is a app hopscotch in this u can find tin storage boxes just want u to c that app is for kids but today I saw ur favourite boxes

  17. Helo di 🙋 sweety kn c class m hai?

  18. DAZzz Lol says:

    Nice vlog😃😃😃

  19. Jaya Das says:

    Hlwww Maitreyee…i liked ur all vlogs..i m also a bengali.My daughter is sweety's big fan

  20. Hllo maitrreyee ji kaise ho barrish hai bahut mumbai mai aap kaise ho aap pls reply jaroor kurna kuch kehna jaroor in

  21. Aapne tawa Kahan se liya?? Iska size acha hai.. Please bataiye

  22. Ziaur Rahman says:

    তুমি কোথাকার দিদি ।মুম্বাই থাকো কেনো।

  23. Angel Rashmi says:

    app kabhi puja ki vlog karna plz

  24. Nehwaiz Khan says:

    Diii where is ur you tube silver play button

  25. divya mallya says:

    Nice video.. Regular follower of ur video… Can you tell from where you bought those plain red and blue bedsheets

  26. Angel Rashmi says:

    App kabhi ghare ma puja nahi hoti ha

  27. Nice vlog mam😊😊👌👌👌

  28. I m curious,u never get any negative comments!!!!

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