6 vegan meals 60 minutes. No prep! simple, healthy recipes

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  1. MrRibby88 says:

    Just a tip: no matter your politics, best not to show them on your website or in your videos. Referring to the magnet on your fridge. You will never attract additional paying customers, but you definitely may turn some away. Again, doesn't matter if you are "with her", are a Bernie Bro, or a Trumpster.

  2. Mary Woodard says:

    Where did you get those lids for mason jars

  3. Bette Gould says:

    I just discovered you on you tube. I like your meal prep and the food looks delicious. Do you have a weight loss program? I need to loose 30 lbs

  4. Thank you. This was very helpful.

  5. Such a great video!! And I am curious about your shoes…what kind are they? Thx!!

  6. U have beautiful legs

  7. Lauren Meyer says:

    It would be really helpful if you'd say how much of what you're putting into the recipes. Also, by working on the camera angle and explaining what you're doing more, it would be much more engaging.

  8. I love your cooking videos, Lindsey!
    I'm only cooking for one, but I like the idea of batch cooking and meal prepping for the workweek.

    What do you use to film and edit your videos? I'd like to try sharing my cooking sessions to friends and family, but don't know where to begin. I have no camera or computer–but, I just got an iPhone 6s and iPad.

  9. David Meshel says:

    what spices did you use? for patties?

  10. so I just joined but I can't figure out how to get the plan for this particular video/week 4/26….

  11. Susan B says:

    I love watching your meal prep videos. I wish you did them more often. What brand of parchment paper did you use in this video? Thank you

  12. Stéph 23 says:

    Where do you get the chickpea miso? Thanks.

  13. Are instant oats the same as quick oats?

  14. I've been thinking about trying meal mentor out. We are a family of 5 so I'm hoping you offer a big plan, haha. Also I love your rug do you mind sharing where you bought?

  15. Worcestershire sauce has anchovy oil in it…

  16. Since becoming vegan I can't watch standard food and cooking shows anymore so these videos are awesome! My only criticism is that I wish I could see your stove and more of your countertop as you work, like if your tripod could be placed higher or something because since you're standing so close to the camera it's effecting the lighting.

  17. That's a horrible can opener, get a different one and make life easier for yourself! 😉

  18. That was adorable! Never had watched one of your cooking videos before. You're definitely messier than I, but whatever works!! Thank you for the inspiration, Lindsay, you're rocking it!

  19. Andrea Mowry says:

    I always find these soooo inspiring! I was just wondering, you have mentioned you are allergic to broccoli, cauliflower and beans – so it doesn't seem like you could actually eat anything you made during this batch cook?
    Thanks for showing the mayo! I always thought I had to use mine super fast before it went bad.

  20. Noor Burrun says:

    Hi Lindsay! The lemon squeezer, which brand is it? Where to buy?

  21. Thank you Lindsay!
    These demonstration videos are super-duper helpful & inspiring!

  22. Love these videos, learn so much and get encouraged to batch cook! Are your food processor and little chopper both Cuisinart?

  23. 1. I used to have a lemon thing like that and I miss it. Gotta get a new one.
    2. OMG YES re: TJ's seasoning being too spicy. I used way less than a recipe called for once and my kid couldn't eat it, and it was a bit much for me.

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