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12 Responses

  1. Can't wait to make this recipe with Jell-O thx

  2. Can i use blueberry flavor instead of strawberries?

  3. Haha omg she is going to be there FOREVER filling those Jello cups's ????? WTF 😆😣😲😪

  4. Denyse Evans says:

    You need a ladle I got anxiety waiting for you to fill one cup 🤣

  5. Eve M says:

    I was going threw Channel's getting ideas I came across urs you have great easy ideas ! Tyfs pls come back I noticed ur haven't done any new vids sorry to see that. Just wanted to say I'm a new Subbie n I think ur ideas m DIY's are great ideas ty….

  6. DFM DFM says:

    You are gonna be there all day spooning mix in spoon by spoon. A ladle maybe? Thanks kindly. – very nice.

  7. Raisa Raisa says:

    sis can i use orange jelly with vanila ice cream

  8. How the fuck I am going to eat it!?!

  9. can i use any whipped cream ?? or just whipped topping ? im going to try that this coming sept 21st for my babys bday. pls answer super love your videos. cheap and easy recipe

  10. Ander el pro says:

    I love jello wish I was eating one right know!!!! 🙂

  11. What is whipped topping?

  12. yummy iam making this for my baby shower

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