DELICIOUS vegan summer buddha bowls! {easy & healthy 7 recipes}

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  1. Great recipes! I just recreated a quinoa and avocado salad bowl I had at a restaurant. Used chickpeas in mine instead of roasted beets & sweet potatoes.
    I liked mine better than theirs haha

  2. these look amazing!! I love your channel so much it has helped me in the transition to being vegan (1 month now whoot whoot) and you're so bubbly and fun to watch

  3. Naidia Cooke says:

    Hair 🔥 you look lovely!

  4. Your hair is beautiful!!!

  5. kaj s says:

    Great video. Where is your grill pan from? Thank you

  6. I'm so so jealous of all the food you eat hahha!

  7. Everything looks so delicious! I can’t wait to get started!

  8. Noah Scott says:

    Why don’t you just be original, like is it that hard to just not steal other people’s shot that they’ve done videos on

  9. Another great video with mouthwatering recipes 🤤
    What brand of olive oil would you use? X

  10. sexymysty1 says:

    hello ! Great video I would like To know what is the blue box you use in the pesto ?? thanks

  11. My favourite vid so far!

  12. RheRheSmily says:

    I'v been loving this weather 🕶🌞💛

  13. My fav meals. Great Video! – Robbie x

  14. mo lavao says:

    Great recipes. You are obviously not Colombian, we are having hot soup in the middle of summer and loving it hahaha.

  15. How do i be vegan with zero support and so much negagivity?!?! Love you by the way

  16. Marci says:

    Great video and loving your look! I may try the kale pesto!

  17. Great Recipes. . You almost got me at the end.. I was like what….. no dancing.. lol..

  18. Andreea Rose says:

    We exchanged the weather!!! Here it's raining a lot 😭😭 I'm excited to try the recipes though 😍😍😍 can't wait to try them 💙

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