Creme brulee classic French Sexy Dessert Recipe

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10 Responses

  1. Kman says:

    Two quick questions…
    1 What's the purpose of adding the cloth to the baking dish?
    2 Isn't the finished product/texture identical to what you call "Classic French Cream Caramel" on the inside? You serve this IN the ramekin and glaze the sugar to get a crunchy topping, whereas with your Cream Caramel, it is inverted and served out of the ramekin and it's been inverted and you've got the caramel oozing over the top?

  2. Can we use vanilla essence instead of pod?

  3. @Recipe30 – Why the Tea Towel?

  4. Indian rasmalai sweet desert please on ur next video😐

  5. I love all your recipes!!…tnx so much!

  6. defiantly I will do it today

  7. Why did you add hot water on the pan towel

  8. Niza Encabo says:

    what if I don't have turch in the house how can I make brown the sugar on top ???

  9. mel says:

    I made your three cheese lasagna last night, not a crumb left. Guess what's for dessert tonight??

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