4 Way International Desserts | World Food Ideas | Dessert Ideas From Around The World !

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46 Responses

  1. Im italian so im happy Italy's dessert was first

  2. Friend says that too

  3. I don’t like it it is gross

  4. Do you speak bulgarian?????

  5. No se que pasa conmigo SIMOLEMENTE AMO SUS VIDEOS❤❤

  6. Falto mexicooo like si eres. Mexicano

  7. Telly cibel says:

    Why note Croatia ?😢😭

  8. Ariba Shiba says:

    Italy italy and italy is the best

  9. When I'm hungry i just watch So yummy… It makes me feel full

  10. Ха! Русские пирожки!

  11. Italia russia e brasile franca😍🍧🍡🍬🍫🍰☕☕🍶🍾

  12. Please make Pierogi From Polonia 💞🇵🇱❣️

  13. I like the Brazil and france

  14. maris seero says:

    I live in France,we don't do crépes like that

  15. Gagan Shreya says:

    do any indian food

  16. Md R Molla says:

    I need more that types international desertss…..

  17. Red Grizzly says:

    Please make part 2

  18. It was nice but next time pls make something Indian

  19. s d says:

    omg ….I thought that was a tasty video until I saw a comment saying :this looks like tasty

  20. lisa manga says:

    moi je prefere l' italie et la france

  21. Thanks for made one about Brazil, because i'm Brazilian!!😍

  22. Piroshki like food in Indonesia,but salty,the name is Kroket

  23. Yes you did my country Brazil 🇧🇷

  24. JJ Michelle says:

    Hey get this
    Italians deep fry basic pizza dough and eat it coated in cinnamon sugar

  25. Tram Huynh says:

    i love this channel

  26. In my region I've never seen that Kind of zeppola, they are different.

  27. Can u cook something Indian

  28. I love the Italian version because am form Italy and I already tried it Love form?

  29. No brasil não se faz assim!


  31. Wow such a nice flip in the crepe roll of france
    So much impressed

  32. El brigadeiro es lo mejor !!!

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