How To Make Homemade Funnel Cakes! Easy Funnel Cakes Recipe!

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  1. J Jo says:

    Camping IS hard work for the mom!
    (that was hysterical….Tawra was in the wrong clothes all of a sudden)!! lol

  2. Wow I didn't think you would do a video today, so sorry I missed you guys 🙁
    hope your camping trip was good

  3. Maria Olker says:

    I have that same apron.

  4. P-mo says:

    Campground sounds fun at first, then hard work. New Zealand is beautiful – go on a nice holiday!

  5. Janice Sosh says:

    Tawra, are you related to Lucille Ball? Lol You crack me up watching you. You are so genuine. Loved seeing the pictures of your trip. I am definitely going to try the Funnel Cake recipe. Looks yummy!

  6. tracy ace says:

    Love funnel cakes yum!

  7. Kathy Manly says:

    My cousin buys a 6 month supply and wears them for a year.

  8. Sealy Pealy says:

    Greatest cookbook ever – Dining On A Dime. I've eaten out once in 7 days instead of every day as a woman alone without family and battling illness myself. I'm learning to cook – You've inspired me so much. Tawra – you and Mike work harder than those of us with full time outside the home careers. I can see that being frugal and self-employed takes extreme discipline and determination. Congratulations and wishing you ever increasing success and occasional relief from illness. 🤗

  9. R-One Acre ; says:

    Grab your pants on the insurance fees for a campground. All the work, grounds maintenance is about overwhelming. You both have created a nice life .

  10. Debbie Lee says:

    I have that same apron.

  11. Penny Giller says:

    I got it…I got the recipe book…yahooo! Thank you for the extention!

  12. Penny Giller says:

    We drove an hour and a half to another town one time because we forgot the friggin tent! First camping trip ever was a disaster!

  13. L. J. says:

    The campground owners sound great!

  14. Love you apron,and enjoy watching from newfoundland Canada.

  15. Yum yum… I'm gonna have to make some. I follow the Rhodes family as well ♡

  16. The "keepin' it real pictures" actually look like the happy Tawra pictures. Glad you guys had a great time!!

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