4 Easy, Healthy Breakfast Ideas | Gluten Free Breakfast Recipes

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  1. The banana and egg pancakes are really good but have you tried adding oatmeal and blending all of the ingredients together with a tiny bit of almond milk? I find it takes away the eggy taste and texture of the pancakes and personally prefer it. It's also really great if you add chocolate chips to the batter and use agave or maple syrup.

  2. I add peanut butter, flax and frozen blueberries to my daughters oatmeal it's really good!

  3. I can't wait to try the banana pancake recipe! Such a fun video! – Est X

  4. I always add protein mix to a banana, egg, vanilla, splenda & baking powder (and walnuts) for AWESOME pancakes

  5. My stomach is legit growling as I watch this. 😂

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