MY GO-TO LAZY VEGAN MEALS || Healthy, Easy, Fast

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48 Responses

  1. It's hard to focus on anything else but her eyes especially when she say let's focus lol

  2. i don't think you understand the depths of my laziness

  3. oh my goodness i want to go veggan so badly but im not sure where to start

  4. I wish I liked cooked fruits and vegetables


  6. Goddess A says:

    What's the name of the sauce you used?

  7. If I become vegan I'm never telling people I'mma just let them figure it out

  8. Rosa Abreu says:

    white rice is fattening..u don't know what u r talking about vegan good it's non fattening

  9. your freaking awesome

  10. david benson says:

    thats alot of sugar, check your blood sugar 1,5 hours after you eat this meal and guess what its gonna be high, koz all the carbohydrates will translate to sugar,

  11. Small Jumper says:

    I want to go vegan and I'm 12 and also a vegetarian and so is my mum but my mum won't allow me to go vegan

  12. Lana Leon says:

    start at 1:54 !!!! JESUSSSS

  13. Can you tell me the measurements you use for the rice ? I just bought an instant pot and I like your consistency

  14. I'm planning to make myself the porridge (oatmeal) at the weekend. It looks AMAZING.

  15. sam myy says:

    She's so perty! Glowing skin:)

  16. 1210Nique says:

    I know this is kinda old but I'm on vegan amino too. yay

  17. peas, beans & corn on a plain rice.. uhhhhh… doesn't look good to me. (btw i grew up eating rice EVERYDAY)

  18. not a vegan BUT im trying all of these 🙂

  19. lol we have the same name 😂

  20. I know I'm not vegan. But I'm lazy & I have a lot of mug's. so yeah…… here I am….

  21. who's watching this and is and is not even vegan?

  22. Caitlin H says:

    Whoa.. i've been searching for vegan recipes and funny how the first one i click is someone with not only the same name, but spelled the same!

  23. Is sriracha very spicy? I've never tried it

  24. what does siracha taste like? is it spicy?

  25. justicemat says:

    Hi Caitlin, wana share with you that you can pop the beans along into the instant cooker with the rice. They will cook together very well—– even a lazier method.

  26. lol cool. I think I will eat oatmeal tonight for dinner because it's to cold to go to the store

  27. thank you soooo much i just turned vegan and i absolutely love the app thanks!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Lalala Lala says:

    the video starts at 1.53

  29. Thanks so much! I've been vegan for half a year now and usually I don't have healthy things but this helped:)

  30. Parker says:

    so why do you use milk…. your not vegan then. but still thank you for the recipe

  31. JAMOS ALEXOS says:

    I'm just here because my mum is vegan and her birthday is tomorrow

  32. I liked the knife you used to cut the veggies does anyone know what kind of knife is that? Is it made out of plastic? I want to know So I can buy it for myself.

  33. I just tried making the rice meal and fries and I couldn't be happier they were sooooo delicious !!!

  34. JACK ATTACK says:

    I'm a guy who is trying to be vegan, but having a hard time with the transition! Are there any recipes that are uhmm, more filling? Foods that can kind of replace the meat. good video!

  35. "Lazy". I'm honestly way too lazy to turn on or cut anything 😂

  36. yuck nasty recepi for sure on first one fuck raisins thats like adding old meat to something more like fresh grapes and im sure raisins have toxins and stupid science hasn't caught up to real facts its common sense and not only that everyday new studies prove old ideas were wrong fresh is always best cooking/ old / fruits and vegtables can't be healthy and fuck you on spelling or the "actually blah blah shit

  37. Mubarak Sam says:

    Your fat maybe try going to the gym

  38. Oh my god I love you?

  39. looks so good.. lol i just started the vegan life a week ago.. this helped.
    thank you !!

  40. I hardly would consider these "recipes"…….

  41. Kirsten Jade says:

    I wanna become vegan, is it a good choice to make?

  42. We eat baked veggies like your potatoes all the time!  It's one of my kids' favorite meals =)  We do potatoes, sweet-potatoes, zucchini, green peppers and eggplant.   So simple, but sooo good!

  43. Why I just can't cook :.(

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