7 Easy Thanksgiving Recipes

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23 Responses

  1. Trill Texas says:

    What No Dressing.

  2. TrAnMu says:

    I like how much more careful they were with the second egg dip. Lol.

  3. Hoonicorn c says:

    errrr this aint actual thanksgiving material tho

  4. Amaya Here says:

    A lot of Tastys videos are deja by for me

  5. Rachel Adamz says:

    we make deep fried turkey every year. it's so much better!

  6. Lu Cifer says:

    some of these looked good but they aren't really thanksgiving dishes. The turkey is the only one. I'm also deathly alergic to dairy so I can't eat most of that.

  7. Wtf tasty? Can you stay in season please? Avocados for thanksgiving please ?

  8. Sweet potato are my favorite. I will make it :P

  9. I thought that these were easy recipes, most of them were, but I mean the turkey one! Seriously!

  10. triad6425 says:

    stop it with the cobbler.

  11. if you eat a salad on Thanksgiving, Im judging you heavily for it.

  12. David Ortiz says:

    flan is easy to make and good

  13. yaoi rabbit says:

    Sorry, this wont do. I need Greens, beans, potatoes, tomatoes YOU NAME IT.

  14. Emily Babye says:

    When you're Canadian, and get confused for a minute because thanksgiving passed for you already?

  15. Evie Ro says:

    i like how for the slow cooker apple spice cake, they only show a super close up so we can't see how powdery it still is

  16. nachoyoda says:

    Sweet potatoes with marshmallows

  17. Bonnie Bell says:

    Great ideas! Thanks for sharing! :)

  18. no t cool says:

    Isn't deep frying a turkey the most dangerous way to cook it? Kinda weird they put that in the "easy recipes" video

  19. Still not better than my homeade double pumpkin spice cake with cream cheese frosting. I have to make four separate ones just so everyone can take their own home for leftovers lol. If anyone wants the recipe, I'm more than happy to share :)

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